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Programme and abstract book
Scientific programme and presentations
Programme and abstract book

Meeting Programme and the abstracts are available as a 650Kb pdf file

 Scientific programme and presentations


Welcome to Miami
Eugene Schiff
Welcome to the meeting
Pierre Van Damme

Session 1 Opening and objectives
Chairs: Eugene Schiff, Robert Purcell

The epidemiology, the need for an evidence-based decision making process with regard to control of hepatitis A. Argentina 944 Kb(.pdf)
Angela Gentile

Session 2 Hepatitis A virus infection
Chairs: Eugene Schiff, Robert Purcell

Highlights in the discovery of the Hepatitis A Virus 4.1 Mb(.pdf)
Stephen Feinstone

Clinical manifestations of Hepatitis A infection 168 Kb(.pdf)
Brian McMahon

Session 3 Epidemiology of hepatitis A
Chairs: Alessandro Zanetti, Daniel Shouval

Surveillance for acute Hepatitis A and the link to prevention 335 Kb(.pdf)
Annemarie Wasley

Evolution of global Hepatitis A epidemiology 993 Kb(.pdf)
Craig Shapiro

Measurement of burden of disease of Hepatitis A in Europe: surveillance project 799 Kb(.pdf)
Paolo Bonanni 

Session 4 Laboratory diagnosis and molecular epidemiology
Chairs: Alessandro Zanetti, Daniel Shouval

Diagnostics for control of Hepatitis A. What do we need and why? 166 Kb(.pdf)
Harold Margolis 

Examples of molecular epidemiological studies:

Session 5 (A +B) Country and regional studies of hepatitis A epidemiology

Break out session (A)
Chairs: Jeffrey Mphahlele

13h30  Brazil 568 Kb(.pdf)             Claudia Lamarca Vitral
13h45  Mexico                                José Santos
14h00  Saudi Arabia 739 Kb(.pdf)  Haysam Tufenkeji

14h25  Italy 277 Kb(.pdf)               Alfonso Mele
14h40  Turkey 608 Kb(.pdf)           Meral A. Ciblak
14h55  South Africa 399 Kb(.pdf)  Jefferey Mphahlele


Break out session (B)
Chairs: Beth Bell, Ian Gust

13h30  China 126 Kb(.pdf)             Zhi-Yi Xu
13h45  Korea  555 Kb(.pdf)           Jong-Hyun Kim
14h00  Thailand 1.2 Mb(.pdf)         Voranush Chongsrisawat

14h25  India 351 Kb(.pdf)             Vidya Arankalle
14h40  Russia 147 Kb(.pdf)           Sergey Mukomolov
14h55  Ukraine 286 Kb(.pdf)         Anna Moisseeva

Session 6 Hepatitis A vaccines
Chairs: Pierre Van Damme, Ron Dagan


Development of Hepatitis A vaccines 1.14 Mb(.pdf)
Ian Gust

Hepatitis A: Performance of the available vaccines 260 Kb(.pdf)
Koen Van Herck 

Session 7 Prevention and control of hepatitis A infections
Chairs: Pierre Van Damme, Ron Dagan

Prevention effectiveness of current immunization strategies as measured by disease/infection reduction 587 Kb(.pdf)
Beth P. Bell

Epidemiology and prevention strategies for adults at increased risk for Hepatitis A. 315 Kb(.pdf)
John W. Ward

Hepatitis A vaccine versus immune globulin for postexposure prophylaxis 167 Kb(.pdf)
John C. Victor


Session 7 (continu): Prevention and control of hepatitis A infections
Chairs: Craig Shapiro, Steven Wiersma

Hepatitis A prevention in travellers 1.3 Mb(.pdf)
Robert Steffen

Session 8 Vaccine financing and introduction of new vaccines
Chairs: Craig Shapiro, Steven Wiersma

Economics: Cost-effectiveness of options for hepatitis A vaccination 372 Kb(.pdf)
Philippe Beutels

A mathematical model of Hepatitis A transmission to indicate value of universal childhood immunization 232 Kb(.pdf)
Thierry Van Effelterre

Cost-effectiveness analysis of hepatitis A vaccination in Canada  using a dynamic model 301 Kb(.pdf)
Chris Bauch

Introduction of new vaccines: perspectives from PAHO's Pro-Vac experience 549 Kb(.pdf)
Jon Kim Andrus

Challenges in introducing new vaccines: GAVI experiences 413 Kb(.pdf)
Susie Lee

Session 9 Country and regional examples of hepatitis A prevention
Chairs: Paolo Bonanni, Koen Van Herck

10h40  Argentina 460 Kb(.pdf)              Marta N. Vacchino
10h55  The Netherlands 606 Kb(.pdf)   Jim Van Steenbergen
11h10  Italy, Puglia 578 Kb(.pdf)          Roberta Pastore  
11h25  Israel 213 Kb(.pdf)                    Ron Dagan
11h40  Spain, Catalonia 247 Kb(.pdf)   Angela Dominguez
11h55  Australia                                    Philippe Beutels  
13h45  Chile 515 Kb(.pdf)                     Katia Abarca
14h00  Belarus 427 Kb(.pdf)                 Elena Fisenko
14h15  Russia 313 Kb(.pdf)                  Vasily Akimkin, Anvar Rassouli
14h30  China 2.13 Mb(.pdf)                  Xiaofeng Liang


Session 10 oral presentation of selected abstracts
Chairs: John Ward, Alfonso Mele

After the review of the submitted abstracts by the scientific committee, one author per topic was invited for an oral presentation.

Session 11 Round table discussion
Chairs: Blain Hollinger, Harold Margolis

Moderated Q&A session with panel of representatives from countries that made a decision to introduce the vaccine nationwide. What went into making such a decision ‘60

Session 12 Conclusions and future directions

Future of global prevention and control of hepatitis A infection:
Closing remarks
Pierre Van Damme


HAV - Call for Abstracts
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